CHENNAI: From this Independence Day, millions of mobile users in the country will find it easy to create websites from their mobile itself in a matter of minutes and own the sites free of cost.

You no more need to access the internet through a computer to create your own website.

Chennai-based Akmin Technologies, a pioneer in offering mobile websites, will launch the first ever cellphone-based application to create and publish websites from,

accessible through GPRS-enabled handets from August 15. Akmin CEO S Prashanth told TOI that the growth in mobile phone base as compared to the penetration of PCs was far greater and widespread, reaching every segment of society.

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According to a report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, there are about 65 million users in the country with GPRS-enabled handsets out of the 250 million total users on the other hand, there're only 14 million broadband connections. "We offer the technology free of cost to the customers.

Unlike the web version, the screen in the mobile version will be customised and user-friendly to enable even lay persons have their own websites,'' says Prashanth. "No technical knowledge is required and no downloads needed. Mobile users can build, publish, manage and share mobile websites.

' The company launched a mobile website developer a year and a half ago. Using the tool, about 25,000 people, mostly Americans and Indians, have customised mobile websites created by accessing the internet using a PC.