MUMBAI: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has said that his son Abhishek was near Connaught Place for a function minutes before the bomb blast that rocked the area and other places in New Delhi on Saturday.

"Abhishek was on his way to Connaught Palace for a function he had to attend. Minutes away from there, the traffic became a snarl and he knew he would not make it in time so he asked to turn back. And the blast happened just then. Shattered and shocked, he called to say he was alright," Bachchan wrote on his blog.

He said that he was in pain and anguish thinking about the innocent unaware victims who bore the brunt of the blasts. "We live in difficult times. What kind of an environment are we leaving behind for our next generation. Or do we not concern ourselves with that. We need peace and harmony.

Such wonderful words easy to type on a computer. So difficult to achieve," he said. The actor wondered if producers of Delhi 6 would continue with the shooting in wake of the blasts. "Abhishek has to shoot for the last few shots of the film. He has left the decision to the producers. Cancelling would be interpreted as succumbing to the threat," he said.