Naturally, his new film with Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan is ready for release. And he’s opened himself to questions about his spat with the irrepressible Shah Rukh Khan, his relationship with the lovely Katrina Kaif, and whether he is threatened by her success on screen with the rising Akshay Kumar.

BT, however, chose to work around these questions and put the lovable Sallu on the hot seat for a rollercoaster round of dum-walla sawaal... Katrina and Akshay... the new hit jodi, is it true you don’t like her working with him? Honestly, I have no issues with Akshay. He’s a simple, hard-working guy.

They look good together on screen and their films are doing well. And Shah Rukh, what if Katrina does his ‘Temptation’ show? She should, I have no problem. She’s even working with John and I have no issues with that. But Vivek is a big NO... there’s no chance, she cannot work with him. You’re still bitter about the past?

Salman ko chamat maar, maar ke phir puchte ho maaf karoge? Tell him (Vivek) to save his acting for the screen and not off it. I cannot forget what he’s done to me. But you’re such a large-hearted guy... But I’m not God. The same people said I was bad boy, daaru peeta hai, jail gaya, maarta hai... accident karta hai. What if you became God for a day? I wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility so I don’t want to be Him.

Shah Rukh’s not vocal about the differences you both have... I wouldn’t have talked about it, but I had no choice, I feel so bad that something like this has happened. For me to behave in such a manner at my own party... imagine the enormity of the problem and what must have happened between us. The problem is from his side, not mine. You must remember, true success doesn’t understand crab mentality.

It’s secure and beautiful. Has somebody played mischief here? No, it was entirely my choice. We had fought earlier, too, and I forgave him at the behest of my brother. Sohail asked, ‘If your brother does wrong, will you not forgive him?’ And I went and hugged Shah Rukh. I was genuinely happy and celebrated his success everytime. What are you all about? I know right from wrong. I accept my mistakes. I’m driven by my heart, my heart is in my thinking, it’s not just a pumping machine.

I live in my own world, but that world is very humane. I am touched by the needy’s need. That’s me. Is cinema your life? No, my life outside is more fulfiling. I don’t consider myself a filmstar. I cycle to work, meet people on the way, oblige them, nobody bothers me on the road. Cinema is a three-hour jaunt in which I pull people away from their daily woes. Logon ne hamein sar pe chada ke rakha hai.

And what I make of that adulation is in my hands. If I start believing I’m invincible, that’s when the downslide will begin. Will you ever get married? Next year, I’m settling down in 2009 and would like to become a father immediately. With Katrina? She’s my girlfriend, so, yeah.