MobileAdda, the first of its kind anywhere anytime mobile version of the BigAdda website has been launched by BigAdda. The youth networking site is the first one to offer a complete social networking site for mobile phones. This product should enable BigAdda to reach out to wider range of users considering this is the widest release of any mobile application globally.

Shivanandan Pare, Chief Operating Officer, BigAdda remarked about this initiative, “With a registered user base of 2 million in a year we needed to sensitize the platform to local aspirations and needs of the market. The number of mobile users today far exceeds the penetration and usage of PCs in India. The imperative was to create a mobile application to give the controls of social networking, anytime – anywhere, literally. Currently is reaching out to the 40 million internet user base in India and with us going on to the mobile platform we will be able to reach to additional 50 million mobile internet users and this will enhance our reach to the masses.”

Giving users a 24×7 access of the BigAdda website, the application will allow users to search and communicate with friends in innovative ways like text, voice and photo scribbles. You also have an option for inviting them from your phonebook. You don’t need to worry about a backup of phonebook contacts as a built in phone book backup utility stores your phone book on the server. Thus retrieving contacts incase if you change your device becomes effortless.

MobileAdda promises to keep you much ahead of your time with alert, notifications, auto-updates and helpful tips. The product additionally features emoticons and shout outs, an online status, option to click, send and view photos along with a distinct privacy option. The privacy function ensures you receive scribbles only from friends.

More than 300 million mobile users can access BigAdda website with MobileAdda. The application is installable in over 500 different mobile devices with an integrated platform offered across SMS and WAP.

The client application is available for download in over 500 device families. You don’t need to worry about whether the application version will be compatible with your devices. A version created especially for a particular phone is downloaded as the download process automatically detects the user’s handset model.

You can access MobileAdda via SMS by simply typing “BIGADDA” as a text message and sending it to 55454. The service is available for WAP users at BigAdda website. The application can also be downloaded and installed on your phone by sending an SMS “ADDA” to 55454 or by visiting the BigAdda website.