BETS ON MOBILE COMPUTING: Srini Koppulu, Corporate Vice-President, Microsoft India Development Centre, at the inauguration of the new centre in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

HYDERABAD: Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC), which incubated 70 projects so far, is at present engaged in developing 23 others, with special focus on mobile computing and testing tools.

Addressing a press conference in connection with MSIDC’s decennial celebrations here on Tuesday, S. Somasegar, Senior Vice-President of development division in Microsoft, Redmond, said that the MSIDC was working on building platform technologies for mobile devices, for the mobile phone penetration in the world was pegged at 2.1 billion. Only 1.1 billion people had access to personal computers. Ultimately, the company was looking at providing computing experience through televisions.

Srini Koppolu, Corporate Vice-President and Managing Director, MSIDC, said the key focus areas of the IDC would be in six domains — developer tools, mobile, data, business applications, windows and live. This would enable the R&D teams to work closely with local independent software vendors and system integrators.

Affordability, desirability, relevance, ease of use and local language interface would be used for entrenching in the market space.

The team had already released live WAP search, SMS search and was piloting LiveiCafe.

The IDC developed Data Protection Manager-2007 to protect the Microosoft applications and Windows server systems. Visual Studio Devices, part of Visual Studio 2008, was developed here.

The IDC had complete ownership of delivering Jscript language and tools. Microsoft BizTalk RFID; Virtual PC-2007; and ‘Office Team’ for customer relations management, among several other products, were developed by the IDC.

A large part of Windows Vista was developed in Hyderabad.